Cultural diversity.

Cultural diversity in coaching and counseling.




   Religious background


   Socioeconomic status

Cross-cultural counseling.

Ethical cross-cultural coaching.

Cultural competence: more than race or ethnicity.

  Group differences


  Direct experience

Culturally diverse populations.

Multiculturalism and diversity.

Multicultural intelligence.

Cultural awareness.

Immigrant/Refugee issues.

Power and privilege.

Marginalized and oppressed communities. 

Client empowerment.

Claudia Carballal has worked with multicultural populations for more than 20 years. Her development of cultural competency has been a life-long personal and professional journey. A native of Mexico City with Spanish roots, Claudia migrated to the United States as a graduate student, and later on decided to reside permanently in the United States where she now holds her Life Coaching practice. She has studied in Spain, Mexico, the USA, and more recently in India. She has collaborated in multicultural projects in Mexico, the United States, China, Italy, and Panama, involving international transactions, immigration, mediation, and arbitration. 

Claudia has taken professional training, courses, and seminars in multicultural competency, cultural diversity, and international law, but the bulk of her experience and cultural sensitivity comes from her direct experience embracing multicultural groups and attending inter-faith dialogue and worship services offered by different cultural groups both for personal and spiritual growth and to enhance her cultural awareness and multicultural perspective. 

Since 1998, Claudia has worked with immigrants and refugees from more than 30 countries on issues of human rights abuses, civil rights, and immigration, often interviewing multicultural clients to prepare declarations and court cases for immigrant visas and protective status.


For the past four years, Claudia has been invited as a public speaker to present to immigrant populations, youth and adults, on topics of life skills, self-esteem, socio-emotional regulation and other skills development. She has also presented to and trained corporate staff, parents, teachers, school counselors, and school staff on issues of multicultural diversity and competency.

You can reach Claudia at

(214) 663-1591


633 Davis St,  Suite 257

Dallas, TX 75208

United States of America


PDI Ayurveda Clinic & Panchakarma Center

Kery/Querim, North Goa


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