The science of Yoga and its universal principles apply to every aspect of our lives. This includes a commitment to keep our mind and body in a healthy state, to follow a vegetarian diet, to be mindful of our speech and actions living from a foundation of truth, kindness, and non violence, and through our intentions of building peace and unity in our modern societies.


The cornerstone of Yoga philosophy and a yogic lifestyle, as taught by the Rishis and ancient seers for more than 5,000 years, is the understanding that our soul is the primary aspect of our being and the body is only the vessel through which our soul takes its journey in this life. 

In Western culture, societal values are founded on how successful we are based on material possessions, titles and external beauty, but we spend little time and education regarding what is within us and how do we grow spiritually. In Eastern philosophy, the foundation of every human being starts with your spiritual journey and who you are within. If you lose everything else  your job, your beauty, your possessions you still have this solid foundation that is your inner-self. 


Yoga psychology and Ayurvedic Psychology are two important branches of Yoga that are concerned with the psychological mechanisms that affect emotions and behaviors and how to manage them in a positive manner. 

There are several sources of valuable teachings and knowledge on the mind in Eastern philosophy. One of the most important sources is the so called first Psychology manual— The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali — a compendium of wisdom teachings on the mind, thoughts, emotions, and behavior including instructions on how to understand and manage the mind so it works for you, not against you. 

There are other sources of Yoga Psychology in the East, including many books, manuals, and translations from Sanskrit language into English of wisdom teachings on the mind, emotions, and ethics of a life worth living. 

InnerWellbeing offers classes, webinars, courses, lectures, consultations and life coaching sessions based on principles of Yoga Psychology, Ayurvedic Psychology, and modern Psychology.


Our classes, coaching sessions, and consultations are also based on principles of modern psychology to help individuals overcome fears, reflect on their own beliefs and expectations., and achieve a more balanced and fulfilled life. 


Dr. Vivek Mohindra and Claudia Carballal teach classes, courses, and  lead international webinars and retreats on Yoga Psychology and Yoga Philosophy.  For more information on our teachers and coaches, check out their individual bios on our website. 

"The most important discovery that a human being

can make is to know the true Self." 

~ InnerWellbeing Life Coaching


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