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5 Ways to Achieve Well-Being

Updated: Jun 11, 2018

Well-being boils down to feeling good about yourself and the environment around you. Although well-being can be subjective, functioning properly and feeling happy are good indicators of wellness.

Here are five ways to achieve well-being.

1. Connect. The quantity and quality of social connections determines your physical health and emotional well-being. Social media connections don't count. 

2. Stay active. Any form of physical activity reduces symptoms of mental and physical illness. It is likely to add years to your life. 

3. Take notice of your surroundings. Observing your surroundings, being mindful of your thoughts and feelings as they rise and fall, being in the present moment. Mindfulness reduces symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression.

4. Keep learning, always. The long time learner is the person who never stops being curious about life. People who keep learning, improving and discovering are more likely to achieve higher subjective well-being.

5. Give to others. Research shows that people who are pro-social and generous tend to be happier than individuals who are self-centered. Examples of pro-social and altruistic behavior are giving to others, spending on others, volunteering, and offering help. 


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