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Core Aspects of Personal Development

Updated: Jun 4, 2018

Personal development will inspire you to look into the deepest corners of your mind and soul. 

The core concept of my life coaching and yoga teaching philosophy is the notion that the most important relationship is the one you have with yourself.  If we are not in alignment with ourselves, we cannot receive from or give to the world what we want and desire.  

Major life decisions like choosing a career, a life partner or having children, seem to be steps that we can take in our sleep.  It is expected of us that in time we will follow through and join the rest of the world one way or the other.  We are not taught to go inward to answer our life questions and develop a life plan.  We are not trained to make decisions based on who we are at our core and what we really want.  Instead, we are expected to make big decisions at a certain time in our lives following general guidelines and social norms established thousands of years ago for reasons that have nothing to do with who we are and what we want in the present.  We are not even encouraged to question dogma.  This is the main reason why we find obstacles and challenges when we want to detour off the beaten path and decide, for example, not to pursue a job or career, not to have children, or to stay single.

Are the ideas of what we want truly our own ideas?

Many of our current institutions, like marriage, religion and the school system, are socioeconomic structures created for economic benefits.  Even though these structures are somehow necessary to build a civilized society, they may or may not align with who we are and what we want. 

When we have the courage to listen to our inner-voice and question established norms, our parents don't want to deal with our thought-provoking ideas., our relatives think we are weird, and some of our closest friends may prefer to avoid certain topics for which they don't have a strong opinion.

The most important relationship is the one you have with yourself. 

Some of the sources of our contemporary social problems - loneliness, lack of focus, depression, addictions - is that we make decisions primarily based on what others expect from us instead of who we really are and what we want. To be true to ourselves, we must focus on what we want based on self-knowledge and self-acceptance. A sophisticated personal development work paves the way to self-discovery and goal achievement based on our unique selves.  At the same time, it gives us a sense of grounding and fulfillment that is not based on ego or competition with others.

Seven steps to personal development.

1. Learn about personal development

There is a world of resources devoted to personal development and personal growth. Attend seminars and read self-development books. Talk to people who you want to emulate or are a source of inspiration for you. See how they have been successful in the past and what principles they have applied. Apply those principles to your life. 

2. Listen to your inner voice

Your inner being is connected to the life source that already knows what you want.  Listen to that voice that is your internal guidance system.  You are the creator of your own reality and your own life.  Trust yourself.  Practice mindfulness and self awareness to learn to go within.  There is no better tool to go within than meditation.


3. Have vision

Determine your life vision and life goals.  Think about who you are, what are your values and principles in life, and what would you like for your life to happen. Also learn to go with the flow while keeping your life vision alive and making necessary adjustments along the way.

4. Detach from people or activities that are a distraction

Avoid activities that robe you of energy and time and that don't bring you closer to your vision and goals.  Avoid people who don't align with who you are and what you want in life.  Don't try to change them, even if they are your life partner or close friends.  Attempts at changing others for your own comfort are futile and almost always fire back in the way of resentment.  People may change only when they consider it necessary to bring themselves into alignment and based on a conclusion of their own.  Focus on yourself and you will attract people who are already in alignment with who they are and have positive things to contribute to your life. 

5. Build positive habits

Identify what habits will help you must in your life. For example, the habit of going to sleep early; the habit of reading one book per month, the habit of drinking water every morning when you wake up. Famous success coach Jim Rohn said "motivation is what gets you started; habit is what keeps you going."

6. Have a life purpose

Your life purpose is to be happy.  Different individuals have different concepts or perceptions of what happiness means to them.  If you know your life purpose, you will have a sense of direction.  A sense of direction is key to concentrate on your life purpose.

7. Keep a journal

Writing your thoughts and ideas on a regular basis helps you become more in touch with your true self the things that you want in life. Writing has also been considered an effective therapeutic treatment for various health conditions like anxiety and stress, or as a way to cope with life's challenges and setbacks.

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