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Updated: May 13, 2018

Closeness and intimacy requires vulnerability and it involves risks but it is one of the most thrilling experiences a human being can have.

"Intimacy is emotional slow food, the loving home-cooked meal in a world of drive-thru orders." ~ Psychology Today

Becoming close to another person takes us out of isolation and a step closer to the mystery of human creation. Whether in  romantic love or friendship, intimacy is what most people want in their social life. 

How do we truly become close to another person?

"Intimacy begins when a person shares something emotionally meaningful with someone else," says psychologist Harry Reis. It evolves over time through a slow process of opening up to one another until the other person truly "gets" you. It is an exploration of the other and of the self. The depth and profoundness of this type of relationship cannot be attained in a world of quick text mess ages and busy schedules that prevent us from getting together in real time through real human interactions that create trust. There is no doubt that most people want intimacy, even more than sex, yet it seems that we make little time for the dance of self-revelation. 

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