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The Narrative in Your Mind

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

By Claudia Carballal

November 28, 2020

The narrative in your mind is ruining your life

Millions of people in the world live with an unhappy narrative in their minds. They experience frustration, anxiety, anger, or sadness and they adopt these states of mind as their own identity the very nature of who they are. They don't know that challenges are part of life and that these challenges are the very thing that will help them to become awakened.

Becoming awake, or understanding your true essence, is not a choice or someting that only a few privileged people can achieve. Everyone in this world is destined to become awakened sooner or later. As universal consciousness manifests itself more and more in human from, you elevate your human consciousness.

The secret to happiness seems to reside in your ability to change the narrative in your mind the story that you have been telling about yourself. How do you do this shift? Start observing your mind patterns and tendencies. The talk in your head that makes you think, "my life is a disaster," "I am a failure," "nothing ever happens the way I want it." Instead, try to see your experiences as part of being alive, as part of your process of growth and awakening. We pay a price for taking this human form to experience life in the world.

Things are always unfolding the way they are supposed to unfold

Think abou it...millions of cells in your body know exactly what to do every second of the day to keep you alive and perform sophisticated and complex functions, without you doing anyting at all. The universe works in exactly the same way. You are a replica of the universe, a mini-version of the cosmos containing all the same elements and cycles. There are forces in this world that direct the course of events in a similar way, even when you still have free will to fluence the events in your life.

Many people expect life to unfold without many challenges or difficulties. When they experience some challenge, they become angry and resentful. They start complaining about everything and everyone around them. A better approach is not to become angry or resentful about challenges and difficult situations that you encounter, but see these challenges as experiences for growth. Without challenges, you would not appreciate happiness. Without happiness, you would not appreciate challenges. They are two sides of the same coin.

Your comfort zone does not help you become awake

Only when your life circumstances start to make you feel uncomfortable is when you start the process of awakening. When you are surrounded by pleasurable experiences and comfort all the time, not many things challenge you and you become stagnant and unhappy. Unless you are challenged by difficult experiences, you are not really motivated to finding the deeper meaning of life, the essence of who you are. No amount of sensory experiences, distractions, and superficial fulfillment, will make you trully happy or help your growth and awakening.

Unless you are challenged by difficult experiences, you are not really motivated to finding the deeper meaning of life, the essence of who you are.

The end of creating unnessary suffering

When you become aware of your own narrative, created by your thoughts and memories, you are no longer under total control of your ego. You start to awaken. You start living from a place of awareness. You observe your thought patterns as an uninvolved witness and stop creating unnessary suffering. You start developing the ability to not fuel a difficult situation by mind reactivity.

Your memories and past history are not bad, they have brought you to this point where you want something deeper; you want to awaken. The problem starts when you identify with your memories and past experiences and make them part of who you are. You are not your memories or your history. Life is not happening to you; you are life itself! You are life. You are consciousness.

Your life can improve substantially when you become more conscious, but that doesn't mean that you will not experience challenges anymore. You will still encounter challenges, difficult people, experience significant losses and pain. But you will not create your own drama or your own narrative anymore. You will come to see these experiences as stepping stones for massive growth and awakening.

When you elevate your consciousness, you will notice that you no longer feel a need or desire to share difficult experiences with people. You simply face difficult experiences as part of your journey and don't add more fuel and madness to the situation by talking endlessly about it. It is fine to seek help and talk to a professional about difficult experiences, but you will approach if from a different perspective a much more grounded place.

The queston is...

Are you able to let go of your unhappy narrative, to transcend the innevitable difficulties of life and face your challenges without letting them pull you down into unhappiness?


Claudia Carballal, founder of InnerWellbeing, works as a coach-guide-teacher of Yogic Spirituality, mental health, and various healing modalities. With traditional training in India and the USA, Claudia's work covers a variety of topics including Yoga, Psychology, Vedanta, Ayurveda, Kriya, and Jnana. For more than 20 years, Claudia has helped thousands of people through change, healing, and recovery in the areas of mental health, human rights and international law. For the past three years, Claudia studies a Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and is doing her clinical experience with a local organization. For daily inspiration, join her on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or join InnerWellbeing's Mailing List!

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