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9 Signs that You Are a Revolutionary

Updated: May 21, 2018

True revolutionaries have the ability to impact people around them and change the world for the better. They are visionaries who think outside the box. They have risked their lives to press for social change. Throughout history, they have endured harsh opposition, stood up for the weak, ended oppression, and changed the course of history. Without revolutionaries, no one would challenge the status quo.

Are you a revolutionary? Here are nine signs.

1. You speak up.

Revolutionaries don't like injustice. They are not afraid to speak their mind and take action to stand up for themselves and others if necessary. Their bravery contributes to high morale and people are loyal to them.

2. You are not a follower.

Although they can agree with others and know how to live and work with groups, Revolutionaries don't follow the crowd. They have achieved a certain level of personal and emotional growth that allows them to trust their inner voice. Because they are not afraid of being alone, they follow their own path. To them, solitude is a space that sparks their curiosity and creativity; it is coming into alignment with who they really are.

3. You have courage and determination.

The implementation of new ideas is only possible when it is based on courage and determination. Without firmness of purpose, change would not be possible. Despite challenges and setbacks, revolutionaries know their life purpose and keep going forward without hesitation. They know that their actions are paving the way for future change.

4. You do things your own way.

Doing things their own way not only requires high self-esteem and confidence but also a strong will to not let others influence their path. Revolutionaries have developed a certainty about who they are and where they want to go. They believe in their own power to direct their life through self-advocacy and self-respect.

5. You are ahead of your times.

Revolutionaries have ideas that scare other people, but this doesn't stop them. They believe in themselves and in their unique way of seeing the world. To be a true revolutionary is to have a vision that others can not yet see clearly.

6. You take calculated risks.

Trying different things, exploring new ideas, opening up to new concepts, getting out of their comfort zone, and even breaking laws that don't make sense or are unjust are all attitudes that revolutionaries embrace with confidence, regardless of the consequences. They are risk takers because they know there's no other way to grow. Their risks are calculated and educated decisions that promise an ultimate reward.

7. You are a truth seeker.

Searching for the truth is part of a revolutionary's life mission. For them the truth is not about proving that they are right and others are wrong. It is not about pushing their own agenda. For them, the truth involves universal principles and concepts that have not being manipulated by society and underlying interests. They are attracted to an universal truth that makes sense and applies to all regardless of culture, religion, gender, sex, and socioeconomic status.

8. You believe that people can improve.

At the core of being a revolutionary is the belief that everyone has the ability to grow and improve, regardless of the difficulty of their circumstances. This is the engine that propels meaningful revolutions. True revolutionaries don't let anyone behind and are inclusive of others and respectful in sharing their thoughts and ideas. They know how to create win-win situations.

9. You are ethically driven.

A revolutionary's mission for change is guided by an internal moral compass that governs their behavior wherever they go. This guidance system is not handed down by others or based on fear; it is based on universal principles of kindness, love, and compassion. They do not bend their core principles to accommodate others or gain advantage. They cultivate relationships that add value to their lives. Their principle-based life gains the trust and admiration of others.

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