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Healing and Life Force Energy

By Claudia Carballal

March 1, 2021


Since the astral plane, also called astral body, is the source of everything, physical and mental illness originate there. The astral plane is fed by the causal plane. The problem and the solution of any inbalance in the human body and mind are in the astral and causal dimensions.

Karmic forces are deeply seeded in the astral plane. Going to the doctor may help us maintain the physical and mental body in better shape, but medicine alone does not eliminate the root cause of an illness, it merely masks it. Surgery may temporarily eliminate the problem or the organ being affected, but the astral plane still contains the blueprint that is the cause of the disease. This is the reason why many disease that have been "treated" may or may not return. Karmic influences in our health and wellness cannot be healed by physical means alone.


The proper flow of life energy, also called life force or prana, within the astral body contains many secrets for healing and recovery. When there is disease in the body, there is limited flow of life force energy. Just like you get bad internet reception on your computer when there's no good connection or proper wireing, human beings get sick when the connection between body, brain, nervous system, and the astral plane is flawed.

Since we are a representation of the universe and contain all the elements in it, we are made of light, energy, and vibration. The life force or prana of the astral body is a spiritual light. As the astral body is the source of everything, it has an intelligent dimension thus prana is intelligent light energy, supreme intelligence itself!


Prana, the life force energy, keeps body, mind, and spirit together like pearls in one single string. It is the chi in Oriental medicine. It keeps the three planes alive communicating with one another and functioning as one single organism. As you can imagine, prana is one of the most important elements of our existence.

We can revitalize our prana with the food we eat, the light of the Sun, from the atmosphere, and through our breath. Breathing properly recharges prana immediately. Breathing exercises help synchronize many functions and organs in the body.


In the astral plane, the world of light, energy, and vibration, everything is subtle and free. The life force energy or prana of the astral plane can be moved or manipulated with the mind. Remember, the astral plane is the realm of the infinite, not attached to the material world. In the astral plane, there are no physical limitations.

There is only one consciousness, one pure, divine, powerful light. This is the light of consciousness that unifies all things material and non-material. You can realize the light of consciousness through meditation. Anyone can. Highly skilled persons use meditation, imagination, and visualization to materialize their thoughts and heal themselves by manipulating the life force from the astral plane.

When you sit still and let your imagination go as far as you can into the realm of your cherished dreams and goals, and if you can hold your mind to one-pointed concentration on the image of what you want to achieve, it will be shown to you in a true-to-life vision." ~ Paramahansa Yogananda

Yogic teachings on healing and life force energy tell us that if we use our will power with intense focus and concentration, and one-pointed mind to realizing that vision, ultimately it will manifest. In this way, we can heal ourselves and others, realize our goals and dreams, make things happen.

Perhaps not all of us will become skilled enough and spiritually developed enough to heal ourselves with the use of our concentrated thoughts. However, that does not mean that we should not try and practice. We should aim at getting as close as we can to the astral plane and the life force energy in this lifetime. With these powerful practices, we become higher beings of light, we ascend closer to the divine creator, and the world becomes a better place of higher awareness, hope and light. In the process, we may discover wonderful and useful talents we didn't know we had.


Claudia Carballal, founder of InnerWellbeing, works as a coach-guide-teacher of Yogic Spirituality, Vedic teachings, and various Healing modalities. With traditional training in India and the USA, Claudia's work covers a variety of topics including Yoga, Psychology, Vedanta, Ayurveda, Kriya, and Jnana. For more than 20 years, Claudia has helped thousands of people through change, healing, and recovery in the areas of mental health, human rights and international law. For the past three years, Claudia studies a Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and is doing her clinical experience with a local organization. For daily inspiration, join her on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or join InnerWellbeing's Mailing List!


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