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Blog Basics in New York City

Updated: Jun 4, 2018

If you are an aspiring blogger, or simply want to improve your blog content, continue reading. Discover what makes a good blog great.

A good blogger writes for the benefit of the reader and does not occupy the spotlight by making it all about the writer.  There are millions of blogs throughout the world and millions more are created every day.  59.3 million posts each month to be more precise. 

What makes your blog stand out from the crowd? 

Adding value, inspiring, finding your own voice, challenging your readers, even entertaining them... that's what is all about.  Attending a reputable blogging workshop may provide you with the skills and information that you need to take it to the next level.  Getting feedback from your workshop classmates may also be extremely valuable. 

Getting submerged in the waters of blogging and creative writing can be an exciting journey.  In this era of fast changing technology and innovative multimedia, blogging may be one of the most fulfilling writing and communication tools in existence today.  A well conceptualized blog creates community by connecting with people and places. 

A week before Christmas, during a mild snow storm, I attended a Gothman Writer's Workshop in New York City.  Founded in 1993, Gotham teaches the art and craft of writing.  They claim to be the  largest adult-education writing school in the United States.  Among many other writing classes, their blogging workshops teach you what you need to know to launch a blog— from conception and setting up to content and attracting readers.  

The fun started when the teacher asked us to explain, in no more than 50 words, the focus and purpose of our blog and then self video record our "elevator speech" in a confident manner.  Even more challenging was to find our own voice, to make our uniqueness stand out from the crowd while at the same time make our message trustworthy, inspiring, and original. 

Here are some useful tips that I learned at this workshop.

1. BLOG NAME: Select a blog name that is original and catchy. 

2. BLOG CONCEPT: Find your niche; a place where you fit. Be the best in your field. Narrow it down to something specific.  3. BLOG TONE: Select an overall vibe of your blog that matches the concept and design. 4. MAIN PURPOSE: Determine the main purpose of your blog. In 10 words describe your main message. Less is more.

5. BROADER MESSAGE: Come up with a 50 word "elevator speech" of what you want to do for your readers.  6. PERSONAL BRAND: Every blog post that you share adds to your personal brand. 

7. READER ORIENTED: Write for your readers keeping in mind to always add value. Understand your audience's voice.

8. CREDIBILITY: Become an expert on your area so you can feel confident about what you write. Find your niche and stick to it.

9. TRUSTWORTHINESS: Write accurately and succinctly-- as briefly and clearly as you can.

10. UNIQUENESS: Find your own voice. Refine your ideas and be unique. Determine your unique value proposition.

11. EMOTION: Eliciting emotion from your readers is essential for your blog's impact and success.   12. BLOG SCHEDULE: Determine the frequency of your blog posts and follow it. You should have a consistent blog schedule. 

13. SOCIAL MEDIA: Become knowledgeable about the latest social media and blogging platforms in existence today.  

To know more about Gotham Writer's Workshop visit

Cover Pic by J. Jezequel. 

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