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Inner Alignment: Connect to Yourself

Updated: Sep 2, 2018

All answers to your life questions are within yourself and the only way to find these answers is through a conscious process of self-knowledge and understanding of the true nature of your inner-being. 

In ancient times, life guide counselors were available in towns and villages offering personal consultations and guidance in the community. Today, we can find these teachers in yoga instructors, counselors, coaches, healers, and specialized teachers in the fields of health and wellness, mental health, and spirituality.

During my studies to become a yoga teacher my goal was not only to teach yoga as a fitness practice, but also to transmit the philosophy of yoga and yogi lifestyle so I could guide my clients according to universal principles that make sense and are available to all people. My goal was to acquire the appropriate tools to help people connect with their inner-being and achieve their highest human potential. The science of yoga offers an entire and complete life guiding system that has been used in Asia for thousands of years and it is now extending into the Western world.

“To be a life guide counselor is to submerge yourself in a conscious and continuous process of learning and self-discovery.”

I help you find inner-alignment.

As a certified yoga teacher, I teach what most people know as the yoga of asanas. I also provide life coaching and consultations as a guiding process. I focus on addressing people's psychological, emotional, and spiritual aspects. Part of this practice includes bringing clarity to their thoughts and words. 

This form of spiritual guidance is a highly healing practice that promotes self-knowledge and self-understanding.  By helping people discover (or remember) who they really are and what they really want, I facilitate change and growth based on a more enlightening experience.

Life guidance that works.

A process of self-discovery and inner-inquiry is more effective in your personal growth than distracting yourself with unhealthy life choices like negative thoughts, drugs, alcohol, or prescription medication, which do not provide a solution to the core problem. 

Following rigid rules or life strategies in a mechanical manner is not entirely effective either. I do not only interview my clients and prescribe a formula to follow; instead, my primary goal is to be able to reach their hearts and help them see their true self, which is perfect in essence. 

Yoga exercises, proper nutrition, healing techniques, meditation, skills training, and Socratic dialogue can all be recommended and implemented as healing practices and personal growth methods.   Connect with universal intelligence.

When you bring spiritual components into your daily life, you are able to connect to universal intelligence and see beyond your human limitations. This form of counseling is founded upon inner-knowledge, instead of religious belief or individual faith. Inner-knowledge or self-understanding can be achieved through the process of meditation, yoga, and study of yogic philosophies. The inquiry into your inner-truth requires living moment by moment, seeing things as they really are, and in harmony with the largest consciousness of the universe. 

Many people get entangled in the external part of their lives, in what others think or expect of them, in preconceived ideas (outward attitude), instead of focusing on the big picture and inner aspect of their lives (inward attitude). 

Living outwardly fosters inaccurate information and incomplete knowledge of the Self. This lack of self-awareness creates a vacuum that

pushes you to follow mechanical formulas and compulsive patterns which create more distance between your inner-being and your process of self-knowledge and inner-alignment. 

Living outwardly limits your capacity to self-heal and reach self-realization. Living inwardly, knowing yourself and trusting the universe with your problems, is true freedom.  

----------------------------- Inspiration: Frawley, D. The Art and Science of Vedic Counseling (2016)

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