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Who Am I? The New Frontier

Updated: Sep 22, 2018

Human beings' capacity for insatiable curiosity has opened windows to new knowledge and fresh ideas. Our inquiry into who we are is probably one of the deepest questions that we can ask.

The Self is the basic concept that builds confidence, self-esteem, and determination. When we talk about the Self, we refer to two different structures — the ego Self and the true Self.

The ego Self is the persona that we have created through experiences, memories, beliefs, and opinions. It gives birth to our self-concept and the personality that we cling to and defend.

Most people live their every day lives from the position of the ego Self. From this place, they defend their opinions, justify their actions, judge others, and compete with the world. It is "operation survival." The ego Self is in a constant state of doing, instead of simply being in the present moment.

In contrast, the true Self is who we were when we were born and before we were born. It is the Self that we don't have to defend because it has no form, opinion, belief, or personality. The true Self simply is. It is not concerned with the future or the past, it lives in the present moment.

The true Self originates from a higher power. It has no need to defend, justify, react, judge, or compete with others. It doesn't need admiration, adulation, or validation. We all have a true Self within, but it has been diluted by living in ego-centered, power-based, fear-based, competitive societies.

The next frontier is the mastery of the Self by going within.

It is only through the development of our true Self that we can coexist in this world and continue our evolution based on prosperity and well-being. Seeking and understanding our true Self is part of what many are calling a global shift in recent years; a new world order; a new path driven by an energy shift in universal consciousness.

We are shifting from a "survival mode" based on fear, competition, and external power, to a "coexisting mode" based on love, compassion, and internal power — the only authentic power. It is up to each individual to recognize this shift and be part of it. This is a great time to be on this Earth and be part of this new order.

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